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Henri's video blog: Roland Garros, Paris 2013


Australian Open, Henri’s summary: We need Nadal.

Novak Djokovic has won the first Grand Slam this year in the final against Andy Murray. The Serb once again has proven his enormous power and control on the court.


However, Novak's main competitor was missing: Rafael Nadal. With him also the thrill and excitement was missing. We need Rafa! Novak is really great. But Rafa has to come back. We need the torro in the arena who keeps on fighting and fighting ... At Roland Garros the biggest challenge for Novak will be Rafael Nadal.


After the final Andy Murray was very disapointed. Together with Ivan Lendl they will go through everything analyzing the matches and his game. I’m sure he keeps on going his way. He will rest a bit in the next couple of weeks as the season start was very tough. Andy once again has proven that he is able to play very very well and he has the potential to reach the very top.


It’s gonna be a very exciting season!



Henri about Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic und Andy Murray

Pretty sure that you’ve enjoyed the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. We’ve seen the best players on the tour – but one very important man was missing ... 

Rafa! I really, really hope that he is coming back soon. We need him. Tennis needs him. He has the power, the energy and the strength. He never stops. Always keeps on going, always fighting! I really hope that he will be back soon.

But he has to be fit for his game, i mean really fit from a physical point of view. Not to mention the psychological aspect. I think that the Australian Open will be a test for him. How it goes with his fitness and health.

Hard court is definitely no good for his knees so he has to be fit playing there. So yes, in my opinion this will be the test. If he’s fit, he will come back and fight like a lion to fully come back. If not ... hm, then he again will make a break, i guess. Because he definitely wants to be back for Roland Garros! He wants to be at the French Open. For him history is in the making, the 8th title is waiting for him! I’ll keep my fingers crossed ...

Djoko is back! Tennis needs Novak and Novak needs tennis! As simple as that. He is great. A powerful and highly skilled player. And a nice guy, too! He has everything. He gives a lot of energy to his country and the kids. I really appreciate that. Nole reminds me of Pat Cash, you know? Pat has a strong personality, always with his checkered headband ... and so has Novak Djokovic this strong personality. And he can be so funny! It’s really good to have him in tennis.

And what about Roger Federer? I really don’t understand the criticism in some media. In my opinion, he is by far the best player in the world. Ever. In 2012 he – again – had an incredible year! Roger did so well this year, returning back to Number 1 in the world. Crazy! This was my promise at the Australian Open 2012 that Roger will come back to the No1 spot. And he did. I think he has to play less tournaments in 2013 to bring the same tennis on the courts. Guess that is the learning after the World Tour Finals and the 2012 season. But keep in mind the talent he has! 

Which brings us to Andy Murray. I think Ivan Lendl helped really a lot. Andy finally made the US Open! He had a very good year, maybe his real breakthrough year. He played well in the O2 but i think he never had the full support from the crowds there this year. Compare that to Wimbledon or the Olympics where the crowds were so fully behind him and almost freaking out! He had more pressure at the Masters than anywhere else before. People were waiting for him to win his first Grand Slam title. That was tough for him. Then he did. But now they expect more Grand Slam titles which is even harder! He has to play his game and turn off the media and crowd expectations, just focus on his game. Then he will win more Grand Slam titles, i’m pretty sure.

So guys, looks like all is set for a very exciting season in 2013. I’m really looking forward to!